Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Fashion, Art and Science

I was recently flicking through the September issue of Icon magazine and came across a small article on the recent work of Sonja Baumel.

Baumel says of her work "I explore the boundaries between fashion design, art and science, to create multidisciplinary works out of information generated from the design field and laboratory research.I want to create new clothes which are freed from the information about social hierarchy and material richness. The clothing shall tell a story about us as human beings, about our present perception, our fragility, our fears and pleasant"

For her most recent collection of work 'Invisible Membrane' the artist has explored bacteria that covers the skin. Merging fashion with science, Baumel has decided to create a visual reminder of the bacteria that our bodies are covered in.

What I enjoy about this collection of crocheted and knitted gloves is the delicate and intricate lace details, which are a visual representation of bacteria.


  1. absolutely love this!


  2. amazing work ... absolutely LOVE it :)

  3. Very cool article. Thank you for highlighting this artist's work. I love the intersection between art and science.

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  5. This is a fantastic job!!! congrats im in LOVE with your long arm designs! u sell one of them? im interested in black and white! Im from Chile, I have visa card, please tell me! greetings! and congrats again!

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