Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Fabric Sculpt

As I have mentioned a few times already my current knit project is based on the theme of Art Deco and in particular Art Deco architecture. Architecture has been a current theme throughout my work since I first fell in love with 3D fabric construction at A-level when I produced a Rowan Mersh inspired garment. Rowan Mersh creates sculptural garments by inserting everyday objects such as coins, tooth picks and CD's into knitted jersey fabric. Through this technique the artist creates visually stunning and organic forms.

A garment that I found particularly fitting for my current collections uses tooth picks beneath stretchy material to creating texture and structure to an otherwise flat garment. I have included a few pictures of some development work (really poor quality photos I'm afraid!) which I have constructed using monofilament and a variety of yarns. Any comments would be great.

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  1. These are beautiful pieces of knitwear, I am loving the texture that can be created in something as traditional as knitting.
    I have looked at other textural knitting on my blog:

    check it out if your interested.