Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Current Work

Thought I would show you how my project is coming along only two days to go!!


Basso and Brooke Spring 2010

Sketchbook Development

Knit Collection

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Last Stitch

Just came across a great blog by a weave student very witty and her work is great check it out

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Skin and Bones, Fashion and Architecture

'Clothing may be considered merely a "dwelling" for the body, necessitated by climate and moral imperative. But fashion is architecture for the skin'

Hussein Chalayan

That fashion and architecture have a great deal in common may be surprising given the obvious differences between the two disciplines. Fashion is often thought of as brief and superficial, using soft, sometimes fragile materials. Whereas architecture is considered monumental and prominent, using rigid, highly durable materials. Their scales of production too, are widely different. Regardless of scale however the point of origin for both practices is the body. Both protect and shelter while providing a means to express identity.

Alexander McQueen

Yoshiki Hishinuma


Victor and Rolf

"Fashion marks moments in time with particular resonance, not only because it continually changes but also because it is a discipline charged with the essence of the present, imbued with the history of the past and full of potency for the future."

Romance was Born

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Fabric Sculpt

As I have mentioned a few times already my current knit project is based on the theme of Art Deco and in particular Art Deco architecture. Architecture has been a current theme throughout my work since I first fell in love with 3D fabric construction at A-level when I produced a Rowan Mersh inspired garment. Rowan Mersh creates sculptural garments by inserting everyday objects such as coins, tooth picks and CD's into knitted jersey fabric. Through this technique the artist creates visually stunning and organic forms.

A garment that I found particularly fitting for my current collections uses tooth picks beneath stretchy material to creating texture and structure to an otherwise flat garment. I have included a few pictures of some development work (really poor quality photos I'm afraid!) which I have constructed using monofilament and a variety of yarns. Any comments would be great.

Paper Pretties

Paper Dream Jum Nakao

Ingrid Siliakus

Jennifer Collier

Rob Ryan
I could go on for pages but I think perhaps I should stop there!!

Paper Plates

For my current knit collection sketchbook I have been working with a variety of papers, folding, pleating, adding stitch and collage to help inform my knit structure and texture. During this process I was reminded of an article featured in Vogue in 2007 which I used as inspiration for an A-level project (i can just about remember!!). Paper Plates was a fashion story created by Charlotte Stockdale to showcase the latest handbags and shoes, but it wasn't the accessories that caught my eye but the fact that all the clothes were made from paper. The wide variety of paper had been manipulated in multiple ways and it was fascinating to see the outcomes that could be created. Looking back at this article has re-established my love of all things paper.