Saturday, 5 December 2009

Skin and Bones, Fashion and Architecture

'Clothing may be considered merely a "dwelling" for the body, necessitated by climate and moral imperative. But fashion is architecture for the skin'

Hussein Chalayan

That fashion and architecture have a great deal in common may be surprising given the obvious differences between the two disciplines. Fashion is often thought of as brief and superficial, using soft, sometimes fragile materials. Whereas architecture is considered monumental and prominent, using rigid, highly durable materials. Their scales of production too, are widely different. Regardless of scale however the point of origin for both practices is the body. Both protect and shelter while providing a means to express identity.

Alexander McQueen

Yoshiki Hishinuma


Victor and Rolf

"Fashion marks moments in time with particular resonance, not only because it continually changes but also because it is a discipline charged with the essence of the present, imbued with the history of the past and full of potency for the future."

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